The moon, the drain and the diving bats

I haven’t found the time to do any real research recently, so I thought I’d post some photos instead. I took these back in January and they have been gathering virtual dust on my hard drive ever since. According to the SunSurveyor app on my phone, this was the last time in a while that a full moon would hover over Milton Drain at a low enough angle to catch it reflected on the water. Exactly why I felt the need to capture this event is a good question… probably something to do with seeing the beauty in an otherwise ugly piece of suburban infrastructure. At any rate it made for an interesting photographic challenge.

While I was taking these photos, I occasionally saw what looked like a flying fox (fruit bat) swoop down towards the water and emit a strange sound before skimming the water and flying back to a tree. It looked an awful lot like they the bats were fishing, but I thought that flying foxes only ate fruit. On top of that, I’m not even sure that flying foxes use echolocation (they have big, sensitive eyes instead). So, either they were doing something other than fishing, or they weren’t flying foxes at all. Any ideas???

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