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This gallery shows all pictures from the site that relate to what I have called the Rainworth section of Western Creek (from Stuartholme to Fernberg). Unless indicated otherwise, all photos are Copyright Angus Veitch.

Last modified: April 25, 2012

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  1. I was brought up at 36 Rainworth Rd Rainworth, NE cnr of Barton St. which is opposite Norman Buchan Park. We spent many hours as kids playing in the creek around 1951-1966. There were many adventures including the tunnel that some kids (not me) dug into the wall of the creek. It went several metres into the bank and would have probably killed someone had it collapsed. You needed a candle to see your way to the back of it. Much later when the council started covering sections of it and put in manholes a friend, who lived on Boundary Rd. decided to open one of the manholes. The covers were very heavy and sure enough he dropped it on his big toe. One less toe after that. I am pretty sure a lot of kids had their first cigarette down there (maybe even me). My one of my friends older brother also introduced us to golf which he had taken up. We would hit balls to each other from one end of the park to the other. My younger brother and I used to time ourselves running right around the park, starting at our house then down Rainworth Rd, Baroona Rd, Boundary Rd and back along Rainworth Rd. Because I went to Rainworth State School the creek played a pretty important role in our after school life. A big holiday adventure would be to walk up the creek to Stuartholme Convent. We even managed to see some boarders (girls) on the verandah, very exciting. Your website has brought back some fond memories. Thank you very much. Regards, Roger Pearce

    • Thank you so much for sharing those stories, Roger! Some day I will get around to writing a page about Norman Buchan Park. I get the feeling that it has a rich history, even if not much of it has been written down. So many kids must have played in that drain!

      Did you find the ‘Guppies and Geysers‘ page? It deals with some similar stories.

      I’m curious to know how much of the drain would have been called a ‘creek’ back in the 1950s. In the 1946 aerial photograph (which you can see here) it looks like an open concrete (or very bare earth) drain across the length of the park. But your account suggests that it wasn’t all like this, at least not in the 1950s.

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