How the creek once was

This section will try to paint a picture of Western Creek and the surrounding landscape before European settlement. Topics will include the creek’s hydrology, local flora and fauna, indigenous people, and the significance of the creek in John Oxley’s exploration of the Brisbane River.

So far, I’ve found time to write about just one of these topics. In John Olxey and the chain of ponds, I have attempted to retrace Oxley’s steps on 28 September 1824, when he landed near Western Creek (or was it North Quay?) and discovered what he described as “by no means an ineligible station for a first settlement up the river”. Along the way, I’ve tried to draw out every available clue about how Western Creek was in Oxley’s time.

In addition, I recently paid a visit to Toowong Creek, which is just a little further up the river than Western Creek, but which has had the good fortune of not being totally buried and concreted. Here you can find a hint of what the lower part of Western Creek may have once been like.

As for the other topics, you’ll have to wait — unless you want to write about them for me! In the meantime, feel free to comment below or in the Forum to share your own knowledge and thoughts.

Last modified: March 3, 2013