January 2013 Flood

Just two years after the mammoth flood of January 2011, we’re getting a smaller one in January 2013. These photos are all from Monday 28th.

Last modified: January 28, 2013

7 thoughts on “January 2013

  1. This is a great set of photos. I loved the two whirlpool shots, they give an indication of the sheer volume of water travelling under our feet. The conditions are dangerous so I hope due caution was taken to bring us these photos.

  2. Well, the water was all pretty still apart from the whirlpool, so I wasn’t in much danger of being washed away. I was more worried about slipping and dunking my camera, to be honest!

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  4. The mystery building was the Milton Scout den before Milton/Toowong Scout troop was formed…Now they met at Dixon St at the main HQ.

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