Page display problems

Just a quick note to acknowledge that there is evidently something wrong with how some pages on the site are displaying. No, I have not deliberately made some pages green and made random parts of the text small and unreadable.

The cause is a WordPress plugin that I use to generate footnotes, so you’ll notice the problem on pages with lots of footnotes. Unfortunately, If I disable the plugin, these pages will become unreadable for other reasons. If I can’t resolve the problem soon I will have to find another way to manage the many footnotes on the site, and this could take a lot of time.

Anyway, fingers crossed, things will be back to normal soon.

UPDATE 20/03/2013: In case anyone cares, I’ve sorted this out by switching to a different footnote plugin. The pages that were playing up seem to be working now, but it is possible that I’ve missed something, so do let me know if something looks awry.

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