Site performance issues

Over the 24 hours or so that the site has been live, I’ve found that on my PC it occasionally runs very slowly, sometimes to the point of pages timing out altogether. I’ve noticed some other occasional glitches too, like the picture at the top of the page not loading. Both have these problems have occurred while viewing the site with Mozilla Firefox, and both of them seem to get fixed if I clear the browser cache (‘Tools’>’Options’>’Advanced’>’Offline storage’ in the Firefox menu).

If anyone else experiences these or other problems, please let me know by contacting me or leaving a comment below. Let me know also if clearing the cache, or some other action, has helped to resolve them.

The site seems to run a bit quicker on Google Chrome, and without issue so far. I haven’t yet dared to view it in Microsoft Internet Explorer (so much for pre-release testing!).


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